Community Stewardship Partner at Sound Salmon Solutions

Sound Salmon Solution is seeking long-term volunteers to help with salmon habit restoration work. Read on for more details!


Chinook Salmon and Steelhead populations are at less than 5% of historic levels in the Puget Sound region. Without dramatic habitat restoration and community awareness, these fish populations are at risk of collapse which would negatively impact tourism, recreational fishing, commercial fisheries, and the 137 other species that directly rely on these fish.

Sound Salmon Solutions (SSS) is a 26-year-old, volunteer-based, 501 (c) 3 non-profit, Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group whose mission is to restore and enhance salmon populations through habitat restoration, community engagement and education. Habitat restoration includes: invasive species removal (plants), planting native trees along salmon streams and creeks, constructing in-stream structures, removing fish passage barriers and maintaining habitat along current project sites. Education programs engage over 1,000 students each year through in-classroom and field based learning programs, teacher workshops, science kits and custom curriculum.

Volunteer Description

SSS is seeking two or three Community Stewardship Partners for a long-term volunteer opportunity to raise public awareness about the decline of salmon populations, water quality problems and solutions, and personal best management practices.

Community Stewardship Partners will be asked to attend 5-10 community outreach events per year ranging from 4-8 hours per event, including farmer’s markets, festivals, conferences, and science fairs at local schools. Community Stewardship Partners build community awareness and support for salmon recovery as well as provide information about how individuals can make a difference by getting involved with SSS through our volunteer and education programs.

SSS will provide training, all of the needed supplies (event registration, outreach materials, brochures, display board), and coordinate all of the logistics (mileage reimbursement, parking/event fees, etc.) for attending events on our behalf. In addition, SSS Staff would attend the first one or two events with the outreach volunteer. The outreach volunteer would attend subsequent events on behalf of SSS independent of staff. For larger events, the CSP would be supported by SSS Staff or another trained SSS CSP. CSP direction and training will be provided by our Education & Engagement Program Coordinator, and our Membership & Volunteer Coordinator.


  • Enjoy talking to people with a diversity of backgrounds, interests
  • Knowledge or willingness to learn about the salmon recovery and water quality issues in Washington
  • Willingness to volunteer at 5-10 events throughout the year, many will be during the summer months outdoors, and some during the fall/winter/spring months indoors
  • Willingness to volunteer during the week or on the weekends: event times and dates vary
  • Volunteers will be asked to sign-up for events at least 2 weeks in advance. SSS will accommodate volunteer scheduling needs
  • Must have reliable transportation that can be used to travel to/from sites with some limited reimbursement from SSS for mileage
  • Hold a clean driving record and at least 2 years of driving experience
  • Able to carry or use hand truck to move outreach materials (including 25 pound trifold board, and box of event materials)
  • Can effectively work as an individual or in a team on tasks


By attending 5-10 events per year, Community Stewardship Partners will raise awareness by directly speaking with 200-400 community members about the critical need for salmon recovery efforts in the Puget Sound region. Through our online publication, the Watershed Review, SSS provides important updates and announcements. Each Community Stewardship Partner will serve to increase the distribution of this publication by signing up at least 10 new people to our distribution list. With additional distribution comes additional volunteer and mission support. Community support and stewardship is critical to the conservation of our vital natural resources.

Location: Events throughout King & Snohomish County

Ideal Number: 2 or 3 outreach volunteers

Supervisor: Lisa Syravong

Application Process

To apply, please contact Lisa Syravong, Membership & Volunteer Coordinator for Sound Salmon Solutions at or by calling (425) 252-6686 to complete the application process.