Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Environmental Leadership Scholars!

Congratulations to Environmental Studies majors Cassie Maylor and Olivia Scott, our 2017-2018 Environmental Leadership Scholarship recipients!

Program on the Environment, with support from generous donors, awards scholarships to two students each year who demonstrate a passion for environmental studies, integrative thought and action in their academics and activities, and a vision of how they hope to make a positive difference in the world.

Both Cassie and Olivia have shared their gratitude for the scholarship and the support they receive as Environmental Studies majors.


Cassie is currently working on her Capstone with 3Degrees, an environmental consulting firm, and says she can’t wait to see where her passion for renewable energy and the future of renewables takes her post graduation. Cassie is also a student ambassador for the College of the Environment and is a resource for students interested in Environmental Studies.

Cassie Maylor

“Receiving this scholarship reminds me more than anything to work harder. As I start my final year as an undergrad, I appreciate constant reminders to make the most of my time.

I had a blast this year, leading two student clubs: ReThink and SAGE. These clubs and their members are relentless in their efforts to make change at UW and with the broader community. I will always be proud and grateful that I had the opportunity to create events with these groups because bringing people together and fostering an interdisciplinary community is important to me.

It was clear very early on for me that UW, College of the Environment, and the Program on Environment were the right place for me. The Program on Environment is incredibly supportive of students.”


Olivia is interested in sustainable cities and is complementing her major with a minor in Urban Design and Planning. She was most recently part of an independent study project with Landscape Architecture students to build a sustainable learning center and garden space in honor of a former beloved staff member, Tikvah Weiner. 

Olivia Scott


“The Environmental Leadership Scholarship complements my financial aid package, minimizing my need to work. After transferring many times, I finally feel home at UW, and I am grateful that I can pursue my education and become involved in my program without the added stress of supporting myself.

It also reiterates that environmental studies is the perfect field for me, and that I have a valuable place at UW.

This scholarship also allows me to extend my graduation date, which gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of studying abroad and pursuing a minor.”