Celebration of the Sustainable Learning Space: Post celebration recap and photos!

Last week, friends of Tikvah and the Program on the Environment came together to celebrate the new Sustainable Learning Space on the north end of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, to honor Tikvah’s memory and spend time in the garden. It was a bright, sunny day and spirits were high as old friends reconnected and new friendships were forged. 

Program on the Environment students who were part of the garden build project gave tours of the garden, highlighting some of the native plants, educational signs, rain garden and sustainable elements. Friends of Tikvah wrote notes in her memory which will later be tilled into the soil in the garden, and many reminisced about the beautiful soul who inspired the creation of the space, which the program intends to use for future community gatherings.


Rick Keil, Julia Parrish and Daniel Winterbottom all gave brief remarks and thanked everyone involved in bringing the garden project to fruition, and Leah Weiner, Tikvah’s sister gave a touching toast to thank everyone and to share some memories of her sister and the community that showed up to honor her. Frieda Cohan, an Environmental Studies major at the Program on the Environment is the current garden steward, and will work with others to maintain the space for the school year. The program intends to hire new student stewards each year. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! See more photos from the event. All are encouraged to visit or revisit the garden space and to remain connected with the Program.