Reflections on 9 days in the wilderness with Tim Billo

For a trip of a lifetime, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs student Katie Keil rearranged her travel to join Tim Billo and his ENVIR 495C: Landscape Changes in the Pacific Northwest course as a teaching assistant. The annual summer course has deeply impacted students who have, for perhaps the first time, experienced raw wilderness and learned about what a changing landscape means for us all.

In Katie’s words: “Although the views were spectacular, my favorite times were the evening thought provoking, student-led discussions about our wild lands around a fire (including some ghost stories).  We explored topics of wilderness preservation, minority access to national parks, and the impacts of changing environments in the Anthropocene.”

Read more about Katie’s experience (below) and see posts from the student blog. Instructor Tim Billo offers this course as one way for students to interact with nature on an intimate level and says “extended wilderness travel offers us rare time and space to think deeply about how we might move forward as a society at this critical juncture in earth’s history, the beginning of the Anthropocene era.”

9 days, 50+ miles, and the time of my life