Advisory Board

Environmental Studies at the Program on the Environment is governed by an Advisory Board whose membership reflects stakeholders at the University of Washington and externally. The role of the Advisory Board is to bring faculty, students, alumni and other partners together to assist the Environmental Studies program in delivering effective undergraduate and graduate programs.

The functions of the Advisory Board are to:

  • serve as the forum in which the Director obtains advice on program decisions
  • serve as representatives of Environmental Studies in their home units
  • participate actively in networking – both bringing additional faculty into Environmental Studies, and finding opportunities to work with faculty from other units

Environmental Studies Advisory Board Members (2014-2015)

College of the Environment

  • Vince Gallucci, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Joel Thornton, Atmospheric Sciences
  • Dave Montgomery, Earth and Space Sciences
  • Josh Lawler, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
  • Ryan Kelly, School of  Marine and Environmental Affairs
  • Daniel Grumbaum, School of Oceanography
  • Becca Neumann, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jennifer Truong, student, Environmental Studies

School of Law

  • Todd Wildermuth

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Karen Litfin, Political Science
  • Peter Kahn, Psychology
  • Lauren Hartzell Nichols, Philosophy


  • Suzy Karl, Environmental Studies Alumni
  • Christina Owen, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Davis Zhen, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency