Certificate in Environmental Management

The Certificate in Environmental Management complements graduate degrees in policy, natural resource management, engineering, business, urban planning and public health, among others.

Whether it’s working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to analyze the risks associated with increased oil transportation patterns or analyzing the expansion of renewable energy facilities across the state of Washington, Certificate students develop skills to address multifaceted environmental challenges faced by government, industry, nonprofit and community organizations.

Transform your Graduate Degree

The Certificate in Environmental Management attracts students from across the University to tackle problems with profound policy, scientific and business ramifications. Students engage in environmental challenges—including energy use, climate change, food systems, depletion of natural resources and pollution—and work in teams to complete a client-based project.

Students gain a holistic view of environmental issues through a focus on the complex relationships among science, management and policy.

The certificate program consists of:

  • Three core courses in the areas of Environmental Policy, Business and the Environment and Science Application.
  • A two-quarter Keystone Project with community partners that address contemporary problems in environmental management.

For more information, view our EM guide or contact Ana Wieman at enviradv@uw.edu or 206-616-2461.

The certificate program is on hiatus until next year, so applications are not being accepted at the moment.