Academic Policies

Academic Policies

University policies guide satisfactory student progress, provide input about what to do when your grades are low, and detail how to apply to graduate, among other items. The College of the Environment’s student policies also provide helpful information. As always, your adviser is available to answer any questions you might have.

Satisfactory Progress

Students must have a minimum of 180 credits in order to graduate. For more about the 105-credit rule, 210-credit rule and satisfactory progress process, visit the College of the Environment Satisfactory Progress page.

Continuation Policy

While the University has regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuance, the Program on the Environment (PoE) has set additional requirements of planning and grades for all students in the Environmental Studies (ENVIR) major. See our Continuation Policy.

Academic Conduct

As a unit of the College of the Environment, Environmental Studies students are subject to academic conduct policies both at the University and at the College level. Get more information on the College of the Environment Academic Conduct Policy page and read the University’s Student Conduct Code.

Registration Policies

You must be registered for more than 12 credits to be considered a full-time student. Visit the UW Registration Policies page for more information on how to register, required class attendance and satisfactory progress policies and more.

Grading Rubric

To maintain consistent grading policies across all of our courses, our program has a standardized grading policy allowing any student to calculate his/her approximate grade during the course of their studies.

Applying to Graduate

Graduation is not an automatic process; students must meet with the program adviser to submit an application to graduate.

When to apply to graduate: Students can apply to graduate as early as 3 quarters prior to but no later than the third Friday of the quarter they expect to graduate.  For example, if you plan to graduate at the end of spring quarter you can apply to graduate as early as the previous autumn quarter.  The deadline to graduate in spring is the third Friday of spring quarter.

To schedule the required 30-minute Graduation Application Meeting, contact the adviser at

How to prepare: Prior to the meeting, check your degree audit (DARS) to make sure it is accurate. Things to look for include grades of X or I; FSTDY credits; and transfer credits that have not been assigned to requirement areas. The Final Year Residence Requirement must also be met. All requirements must be listed on the DARS as completed at the time of graduation or the student will not graduate.

Minors: It is the student’s responsibility to meet all requirements if they have a minor or to drop the minor before graduation.

What to expect: The graduation application is the department’s recommendation to the University for you to earn your degree.  Your degree is ultimately granted by the UW Office of Graduation & Academic Records (UW Office of the Registrar). If you will graduate with a double major or double degree, you must submit a Graduation Application with the other department as well. After your Graduation Application Meeting you will receive an email from the Graduation & Academic Records Office (Office of the Registrar). Read this email carefully for important details, and then confirm your graduation application. Until you confirm using this email you have not completed the application to graduate. You can confirm that your application to graduate has been received and posted by checking your DARS.

Information about graduation, UW commencement and diplomas: Application for Graduation   

UW commencement and UW Environmental Studies graduation celebration:  Students can visit the UW Commencement website for information regarding the UW Commencement Ceremony that occurs each June.  Students graduating in the previous autumn and winter, as well as those graduating in spring and summer are eligible to participate in the spring event.  The Program on the Environment hosts a graduation celebration for Environmental Studies majors during Finals Week each June. Students will receive an RSVP and invitation to complete the Graduation Student Survey during spring quarter.

Diplomas and degree validation: Degrees are posted on the transcript by the UW Office of Graduation & Academic Records upon verification that all degree requirements have been met. Students can check that their degree has been granted on their MyUW page. Follow instructions provided by the Office of the University Registrar to order transcripts.

International Student Graduation Checklist: International students are highly encouraged to refer to the International Student Services Final Quarter Checklist, or check in with their advisers in ISS for information about requirements and suggestions as you approach the final quarter at UW.