Environmental Studies Major

Environmental Studies students are passionate about understanding the root causes and systems that affect the environment.

They benefit from a challenging yet supportive learning environment and an atmosphere in which creative problem solving drives actionable change.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Environmental Studies. The major is an open major, which means you can declare anytime via this Change of Major form. Our curriculum integrates a broad range of social and natural sciences and humanities disciplines that influence the field of environmental studies. With a balanced perspective on complex environmental challenges, students learn to listen, problem solve, debate and present cogent arguments to affect change.

Students take an active role in their academic planning by selecting environmentally-related courses from more than 30 departments across the University. With an emphasis on bioregional, global, and field-based content, students learn in the field, in the classroom, in the community, and around the world.

Through courses such as Sustainability Studio students acquire skills to assess, communicate and implement change to increase the UW’s sustainability initiatives, including more efficient water, energy and transportation use, or increasing protected habitat and sourcing local food. Through a three-quarter Capstone series, students gain real-world experience addressing pressing environmental issues that impact our society.