Perspectives & Experiences

Perspectives & Experiences Courses (18 Credits)

Perspectives & Experiences elective courses include a broad selection of courses in six areas (human and social dimensions, natural sciences, policy and decision making, bioregional, international and fieldwork). Electives include courses from more than 30 departments across campus.

A minimum of three credits (one course) must be completed in each of the categories detailed in the box below. Qualifying courses must be 300-level or above. Contact the adviser with questions.

Human and Social Dimensions
Philosophical, literacy, artistic, cultural or ethnographic aspects of how humans envision, value, and interact with the environment.
Place-based analysis of environmental issues or problems within the Pacific Northwest bioregion.
Natural Sciences
The physical, chemical and biological elements of the environment, including humans.
Place-based analysis of environmental issues or problems outside of the United States.
Policy and Decision Making
The intersection of facts and values as applied to governance, and specifically to environmental problems and decision-making.
Direct engagement with sites or stakeholders out of the classroom for the purpose of collecting assignment-related material.

Previously Approved Courses Meeting the P&E Requirement

For the most recent list of available courses that meet the Perspectives & Experiences requirement, contact the adviser.

Additional Perspectives & Experiences Notes

  • Courses may be listed in multiple categories, but individual courses cannot be used to meet more than one requirement category. Courses that count for multiple categories are marked by an asterisk (*).
  • To request that a course not on the approved list be used to fulfill the Environmental Perspectives and Experiences requirement, please submit a completed course exception request form (available on the Advising page) or contact the adviser directly.