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Academic Resources

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UW Resources

  • UW Office of Registrar Student forms – Access many relevant forms through the Office of the Registrar, a centralized source for assisting students with registration and graduation enquiries.
  • DARS for Students – The DARS report, or degree audit, shows academic progress toward completion of an undergraduate degree in a student’s declared or proposed major. The progress is measured by how UW courses, transfer courses, and courses in progress apply toward degree requirements.
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid

Academic Policies

University policies guide satisfactory student progress, provide input about what to do when your grades are low, and detail how to apply to graduate, among other items. The College of the Environment’s student policies also provide helpful information. As always, your adviser is available to answer any questions you might have.

Satisfactory Progress

Students must have a minimum of 180 credits in order to graduate. For more about the 105-credit rule, 210-credit rule and satisfactory progress process, visit the College of the Environment Satisfactory Progress page.

Continuation Policy

While the University has regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuance, the Program on the Environment (PoE) has set additional requirements of planning and grades for all students in the Environmental Studies (ENVIR) major. See our Continuation Policy.

Academic Conduct

As a unit of the College of the Environment, Environmental Studies students are subject to academic conduct policies both at the University and at the College level. Get more information on the College of the Environment Academic Conduct Policy page and read the University’s Student Conduct Code.

Registration Policies

You must be registered for more than 12 credits to be considered a full-time student. Visit the UW Registration Policies page for more information on how to register, required class attendance and satisfactory progress policies and more.

Grading Rubric

To maintain consistent grading policies across all of our courses, our program has a standardized grading policy allowing any student to calculate his/her approximate grade during the course of their studies.

Apply to Graduate

Once you’ve completed your major requirements, you must meet with your academic adviser to graduate. He or she will verify your degree requirements have been met and prepare an application for degree form.

Application for Graduation