Major in Environmental Studies

What is Environmental Studies?

Environmental Studies at the Program on the Environment combines natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to provide students with a deep understanding of how humans interact with and influence the environment. Students learn to think critically, conduct research, apply sustainability frameworks, and communicate to diverse audiences.

Why Environmental Studies?

  • Join an inclusive community within a large university and receive personal attention
  • Connect with enthusiastic faculty who inspire learning and collaboration
  • Enjoy the flexibility of our open, customizable major
  • Tackle complex environmental challenges and make a difference
  • Focus your studies in Climate, Conservation, Environmental Education and Communication, Environmental Policy, Food Studies or Sustainability
  • Plan and prepare for career success through Capstone internships, career skills workshops and the support of committed advisers
  • Gain effective communication skills to reach diverse audiences and influence policy and behavior

If you want to be at the front lines of leading society towards a more sustainable future, an Environmental Studies degree may be the right choice for you.

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