Incoming freshmen

Interested in pursuing an Environmental Studies degree?

Here’s some advice! Keep in mind that you are welcome to contact the adviser, Ana Wieman, at if you have any questions that can’t be answered below.

Environmental Studies is an open major so if you marked an interest in this major when you applied to UW you might have been placed right into the major. If you’re still exploring, it would be a good idea to take one of the classes listed below to help you get to know the major better:

A good first quarter schedule for freshmen in Environmental Studies might be:

  • ENVIR 100 paired with a FIG (First Year Interest Group) 
  • English Composition (this could be on your FIG or as a stand-alone class)
  • ENVIR 295 – Orientation to Environmental Studies for students new to the major. Contact for more info.

If you have AP, IB or Running Start credits, check with the adviser to find out if they can be used to fulfill requirements for the major.

To learn more about the courses required for the major, check out the Course Checklist

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