UW undergraduates

Are you a current UW student interested in declaring Environmental Studies as your major?

Environmental Studies is an open major so if your overall UW GPA is 2.0 or higher you can schedule an appointment with the adviser to declare the major, at any time.

Overview and guidelines for considering this major:

  • The major is 82-88 credits (students can choose between 3-credit or 5-credit classes for some requirements).
  • The first 3 Core Courses must be completed prior to starting the 3-quarter Environmental Capstone
  • Most students take full advantage of all the program has to offer by starting early, but the program can be completed in as little as 5 quarters in some scenarios.
  • See the Course Checklist for a list of classes required to complete the major.
  • Plan to register for ENVIR 295: Orientation to Environmental Studies, your first quarter in the program.
  • Career opportunities range widely and the program provides lots of career guidance and support.