Minor in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies minor complements your major and provides a basic understanding of environmental issues.

Choosing a minor is optional. A minor can offer a way to explore a department or interdisciplinary theme with a smaller time commitment than a major; the major requires at least 80 credits, the minor requires 25 credits.

To view the list of available minors at UW, visit the Undergraduate Academic Advising Minors page.

Course Requirements

The Environmental Studies minor is comprised of two core courses to give you a basic foundation and understanding of Environmental Studies, and three or more classes in human and social dimensions, natural sciences and policy and decision making.

ENVIR Core Courses
(10 Credits)

Two courses:

  • ENVIR 100
    Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations

and one course from below:

  • ENVIR 200
    Environmental Studies: Research and Communication
  • ENVIR 250
    Environmental Studies: Data Types and Collection Methods

Perspectives and Experiences
(≥ 15 credits)

Consult the list of approved courses.

A minimum of 3 credits must be completed in each of the following Environmental Perspectives and Experiences area for a total of 15 credits. The overall GPA must be 2.0 or higher.

  • Human and Social Dimensions
  • Natural Sciences
  • Policy and Decision Making

Additional Perspectives and Experiences Notes:

  • Courses may be listed in multiple categories, however, courses are not allowed to meet more than one category requirement.
  • All courses must be upper division (300 or 400 level) courses.
  • To request that a course not on the approved list be used to fulfill the Environmental Perspectives and Experiences requirement, please submit a completed course exception petition to enviradv@uw.edu.

Declare your Minor

The Environmental Studies minor requires a minimum of 25 credits. To declare this minor complete the Change of Minor form and have it signed by your current departmental or program adviser and submit it to the Registrar’s office. 

If you have specific questions about the Environmental Studies minor, please contact the adviser, Ana Wieman, at enviradv@uw.edu.