Faculty Mentors

How do Faculty Participate in  Capstone Projects?

The Environmental Studies Capstone is an opportunity for undergraduate students to take their education into the world beyond the classroom. In addition to participating in hands-on work at a partner organization, students engage in scholarly study to answer researchable questions pertaining to the project. Faculty from across the University of Washington may engage with students to support their learning and provide critical insight. Student projects culminate in an oral or poster presentation to the larger community at the Capstone Symposium.

Capstone Project Details

  1. Individual students or student teams work with a faculty advisor on campus and site supervisor from a partner organization
  2. Over three consecutive courses (ENVIR 490-491-492), students develop a research proposal, carry out research in conjunction with hands-on internship work, and synthesize their experience

Faculty Advisor Responsibility

A faculty member helps define the scope of a student’s scholarly topic and research question(s), reviews drafts, and provides direction and assistance. In addition, the faculty advisor:

  1. Reviews and approves a student’s research proposal and learning contract
  2. Meets regularly (at least once a quarter) with the student during the capstone
  3. Provides insight and guidance as the student develops their synthesis paper and presentation

Faculty advisors are invited to attend the Capstone Symposium at which students share the results of their research.

Are you ready to mentor a Capstone student?

To get started, please contact the Capstone instructor, Sean McDonald, at psean@uw.edu or 206-616-2186 for more information or to confirm your commitment to work with a Capstone student.