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Combining science and art to shift our thinking and spur action in a changing world

Recent Program on the Environment alum Tyler Ung developed a senior Capstone project focusing on the budding “sci-art” movement, a concept that bridges the science communication gap through creative expression. His compelling pieces were created during his trips to China and India, and his home city, Seattle.

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Crunching data to trace the impact of recreational fishing on the movement of aquatic invasive species

Double major Rachel Fricke is using iBobber, a sonar fish-finding tool to distinguish pathways for invasive aquatic species, including the areas where recreational fishing occurs.

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Student Spotlight: Jenny Renee

Hard work and grit characterize Jenny Renee. No stranger to challenges, Jenny has traversed an untraditional path and become an enthusiastic advocate for ocean conservation.

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Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies students follow their passion to make a difference. They tackle complex environmental problems and contribute to solutions. Join our community of change agents today.