Transfer students

Are you planning to transfer to UW to complete the Environmental Studies major?

Here are some steps to prepare for this transition!

  • Plan early by contacting the program adviser, Ana Wieman at
  • Make sure to take courses that will count toward the degree requirements.
  • Often transfer students find it advantagous to complete some requirements before transfering. For example, chemistry, biology, or statistics.
  • Ask the adviser for the transfer planning guide for your local 2-year college. 
  • Schedule an appointment with the adviser for tips on applying to UW for the Environmental Studies major.
  • Contact the adviser when you get accepted to UW to make sure you get into your classes that first quarter.
  • Plan to register for ENVIR 295: Orientation to Environmental Studies, your first quarter.

Transfer students often complete the biology, chemistry, economics and statistics requirements before starting at UW.

Transfer student stories

Jenny on a hike with friends.
Jenny Renee
Jenny Renee
Mallory Culbertson
Mallory Culbertson