A backcountry ranger shares her passion for the wilderness

Wilderness means different things to visitors of the country’s national parks and wild lands. For Program on the Environment alumni Emily Noyd, who was featured in REI’s Keepers of the Outdoors series, being outside and helping people navigate relatively untouched lands is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Emily Noyd in her office, Yosemite National Park
Emily Noyd in her office, Yosemite National Park


Emily is currently a backcountry ranger in Yosemite National Park, where 94 percent of the park’s land is wilderness. In this job, she helps others experience the awe and understand the importance of protected lands. Her passion for protecting wild places and park service work flourished after an impactful summer climate change fellowship while studying at UW. She kept building the skills she learned that summer and found her curiosity and interest in engaging with people made her a good fit for the job she has now.

“I think it’s really special to be part of something that’s bigger than myself. That’s why I go outside.” – Emily Noyd

Read more about Emily’s role in the full story, written by Program on the Environment alumni, adventure writer Charlotte Austin!

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