Dr. Ken Jennings to speak about Sustainable Urbanization on Feb. 6.

This month’s Rabinowitz Speaker Series: Society’s Role in a Changing Environment, co-hosted by Program on the Environment and School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, is next week, Tuesday, February 6. Join us from 4:30–6pm in Wallace Hall Commons. Mingle with colleagues after the talk (5:30pm).

Our January speaker is Dr. Ken Jennings. The title of his talk is Sustainable Urbanization.

Ken’s talk will summarize the focal areas underpinning a movement to make cities, which will be where most of the world lives before 2050, more livable and less impactful on the environment. In addition to sharing several principles, Ken will showcase cities that are examples of sustainable urbanization.


Ken Jennings Dr. Ken Jennings is an adjunct professor of Environmental Management at the University of Maryland University Center with over 30 years experience in government (the U.S. EPA Headquarters); industry (Amoco, Shell and Microsoft Corporations) and consulting. His areas of expertise include compliance, sustainability, energy and climate change. He has consulted many governments on environmental matters including Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and Haiti. He wrote a policy brief for the Global Environment Facility (UNEP) on Sustainable Urbanization and accompanied the GEF CEO and delegation to the EcoCity World Summit in Nantes 2013.

His recent presentations include:

  • Energy Africa Conference “Innovative Approaches to Financing Energy Projects”, Golden, Colorado, October 2015
  • MicroGrid World Forum in Irvine, California on the opportunity and imperative of micro grids in Africa , September 2013
  • Webinar – “Doing Business in a Regulated Africa” for Compliance and Risks Ltd – August 2013
  • Advised the Government of Guyana on its governance of the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions – December 2012
  • US UK Niger Investment Forum, London 2012
  • African Presidential Center Roundtable on Energy Security, Johannesburg 2012
  • African Energy Indaba, Johannesburg 2012
  • African Presidential Center Roundtable on Energy, Mauritius, 2011
  • International Conference on Recycling, Madrid, 2008

Dr. Jennings earned a B.S. in geology and geophysics from Yale University, a Masters in Geology from the University of California Santa Barbara, and a Doctorate in environmental science and engineering from UCLA.