Congratulations to Frieda Cohan, 2018 Bonderman Travel Fellow!

The Bonderman Travel Fellowship award affords students the extraordinary opportunity to travel across the world independently for a minimum of 8 months, to at least 6 countries (spanning 2 regions) in the world, with the aim to enrich students experiences and open their eyes to different cultures, customs, perspectives and lifestyles.

Frieda Cohan, 2018 Bonderman Fellow and Husky Green Awardee.
Frieda Cohan, 2018 Bonderman Fellow and Husky Green Awardee.

This year, we are proud to congratulate Frieda-Luoma Cohan, one of fifteen UW students to receive the fellowship. Frieda recently won a Husky Green Award for her leadership in stewarding an outdoor learning space on campus and coordinating recycling efforts at UW football games, and also returned from a Spring at Sea oceanography expedition.

Frieda grew up in Mt. Vernon, WA and has been deeply influenced by her experiences in outdoor schools and field classes, as well as other instances of non-traditional experiential learning and she is thrilled to be given the opportunity to explore the world in an immersive education setting. As she travels, she hopes to explore the very different ways in which science education is presented in each community she visits, how this learning process inspires a connection with the natural world, and how communities foster a sense of place in education. She is excited to be stretched out of her comfort zone, and to absorb, learn, be humbled, and share. She plans to visit Morocco, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Bhutan, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

Congratulations to all the Bonderman Fellows!