Autumn 2019 Capstone Symposium: November 20

The Program on the Environment will host the Autumn 2019 Capstone Symposium on Wednesday, November 20, in the Fishery Science Building.  All are welcome to attend and support students as they present on the culmination of their hard work over three quarters.

The Capstone Course Series is a highlight for many students, and serves to catapult some into their first jobs or event their dream careers.  Through internships, research, and social media training, students come out of the experience well equipped to communicate about the problem they sought to solve, and to tie their academic learning with specific research questions.

This event is open to the public, and we encourage students interested in learning about the Capstone, as well as members of the community, to join us.  There will be beverages and snacks served.  For those who can’t attend in person, please follow the event on Twitter #POEcap.

**Abstracts and additional information about each project can be found in here: Word/PDF

Autumn 2019 Symposium Schedule

Wednesday November 20

4:30 PM – Welcome

4:35 PM – Housekeeping

4:40 PM – 5:35 PM Poster Session A – Education & Outreach

Bernice Alora – Connecting Food Deserts to Nutritious Food Sources

Elizabeth Besser – Bolstering Food Security Through Community Building

Nicole Chhou – Trust: The Core of Environmental Donating Decisions

Maddy Eppel – Should I Post This?: How Images Tell a Story and Capture Your Target Audience

Dakota Fry – Speaking on Sustainability: Environmental Communication in Business & Professional Contexts

Sarah Haughney – Facilitating Citizen Science and Improving Continual Engagement in Community Projects

Skylar Jacobson – Getting Fish-y with Environmental Education

Evan Maun – Encouraging Stewardship and Fighting Ecophobia Through Service Learning

Max Rennie – Can Financial Incentives Influence Pro-Environmental Behavior?

Heather Schronce – Community Outreach and Allyship: Replacing the “Teach To” with a “Learn From” Attitude

Nicholas M. Stauffer – Successful Community Science Takeaways: a Case Study

5:40 PM – 5:45 PM BREAK

5:45 PM – 7:05 PM Oral Session B

5:50 PM Kyler Jobe -Compostable Diapers: Examining Challenges, Opportunities and Barriers to Widespread Transformation of the Diaper Market

5:58 PM Li L. Tan – Addressing Environmental Justice Through Policy and Infrastructure Solutions for Safer Routes to School in Seattle

6:06 PM Marwa Mahmoud – Communicating Fish Information and Fishing Regulations in Mount Rainier National Park

6:14 PM Lela Cooper – Evaluating Recreation Equity: Do WA Public Lands Serve Everyone?

6:22 PM Emily Busse – Vitamin N(ature): Time Spent Outdoors Improves Student Well Being and Impacts Environmental Worldview

6:30 PM Remy Nguyen – Firefighters Talk Trash, We Talk Compost: Exploring Composting Opportunities at US Forest Service Fire Camps

6:38 PM Celine Fujikawa – Rethinking Communications: Using Storytelling to Understand Sense of Place Through the Eyes of the Children in Sodo, Ethiopia

6:46 PM Lina Li – Art-iculating Science: Art Based Environmental Education in Children

7:05 PM – 7:10 PM BREAK

7:10 PM – 8:00 PM Poster Session C – Agriculture & Food Systems, Natural Science, Business & Sustainability, Policy & Regulation

Madelyn Bloom – Promoting Sustainable Living Through Composting

Dana Brooks – Sports Marketing as a Channel for Sustainable Consumption

Gabe Greene – Dirt, Sawdust, and Red Tape: The Challenges of Trail Planning and Development

Madison Hoiland – Preparing for an Uncertain Future: Grant Agency Requirements to Support Adaptive Management

Claire Perez – Soil Sampling in Discovery Park: Why is it Important to Know Our Soils

Mick Smoot – It’s all Part of the System: A Systematic Method to Assess Developing Waste, Water, and Educational Infrastructure

Katie Spires – Keeping Wilderness Wild: The Importance of Wilderness Management

Elan Wong – Funding Climate Action: The Role of Small Funders

Siyao Xiao – The Shoreline Environmental Impact Evaluation on Duwamish Invertebrates

Alex Zhen – Saving the Fisherman’s Greatest Catch

Jessica Zhu – The Consequences of Delaying Park Restoration