February 3: Online and Digital Media Communications Panel

Please join Wednesday (4:30PM PST) for our Conversations in Environmental Communication Seminar Series. Open to the public. Our last seminar was another standout. Catch it on our YouTube Channel and be sure to subscribe and click on the bell icon to be notified when future seminars are streaming or content is uploaded. This week we’re switching gears and moving to a Q&A panel format.

The Conversations in Environmental Communication seminar on February 3rd takes us into the realm of digital and social media. We’ll be joined by an outstanding panel of experts to discuss their experience working with these formats and platforms. Our panel includes Nikolaj Lasbo, who manages and implements digital and social media for the Nature Conservancy of Washington and employs his skills as a content developer and storyteller. Marisol Morales of EarthCorps also joins us to discuss her work as digital communications manager connecting people with opportunities through digital graphics, social media, and online newsletters. Finally, Alison Morrow, environmental journalist and video content producer, rounds out our panel with her expertise in both traditional and ’new’ media; her successful YouTube channel brings environmental and current news to more than 82,000 subscribers worldwide. Instead of formal presentations, the panel will be available to answer your questions about their work and the new media landscape for environmental communications. Come with your questions!

The series explores environmental communication through the perspective of a diverse group of professionals working in the arts, journalism, social media, advocacy, business, and science. We’ll investigate how messages about nature and the environment permeate our public discourse through insightful presentations and riveting Q&A with leading experts.


You can catch this seminar and the rest of the series LIVE and recorded on the Program on the Environment’s YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc-lwF38pxfQJuZMCfpSLMA). Note: I would encourage you to subscribe and click on the bell icon to be notified when future seminars are streaming or content is uploaded.


See the entire schedule here.

For more information, please contact <psean@uw.edu>.