Fashioning Sustainability Seminars

Explore environmental, social, and economic impacts of the human relationship with clothing and fashion through the perspective of a diverse group of professionals working in academia, advocacy, arts, business, and science. We’ll investigate the complete lifecycle of our clothing, from production of raw materials, through manufacturing, shipping, and retail, and end-of-life. Seminars will include insightful presentations and riveting Q&A with leading experts. This weekly speaker series is facilitated by Dr. P. Sean McDonald and Dr. Eli Wheat, and is open to all students. Presentations are available live to the public via YouTube.

To receive credit, students will be required to develop five thoughtful questions for our guest(s) prior to the seminar and attend synchronously in 7/10 weeks.

Course Details (Spring 2021):

ENVIR 495 D (1 cr)
SLN: 21519
Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 PM

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Tune in via Zoom/YouTube:

Tune in via Zoom
Enrolled participants in the seminar course will participate online via Zoom.

Tune in via YouTube
The seminar is open to the public! If you would like to watch the seminars and are not enrolled in the course, see the YouTube livestream. Recordings will continue to be available after the seminar on this channel.





March 31: Introductions & A History of Sustainable Fashion
Eli Wheat
P. Sean McDonald
Note: No public seminar / Enrolled students only

April 7: Sustainability in Fashion & Apparel – panel discussion
Hilary Jochmans, PoliticallyInFashion
Corey Spencer, AMENDI
Elizabeth Cline

April 14: Sustainable Apparel 101 – Resources, Definitions and Creating Your Own Career Path
Jancy Quinn, FairTrade

April 21: Small Manufacturers, Designers, & Commitments to Sustainability
Landon Nash, Tact & Stone

April 28: Slow Fashion or How to Dissappear Completely
Davora Lindner, Prairie Underground

May 5: Retailers: Walking the Triple Bottom Line
Chelsey Evans, Etsy

May 12: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Circularity & A New Fashion Ethic
David Montgomery, UW

May 19: Marketing a Green Aesthetic: From Greenwashing to Environmental Leadership

May 26: Capstone Symposium
Departmental Presentations, Including sustainability in textiles, fashion and apparel

June 2: Fashion as a Vehicle for Advocacy & Conservation
Ava Holmes, Fashion for Conservation